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Sri Lanka - why we can't get enough!
Sri Lanka - why we can't get enough!

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Early in October this year, we sent 45 lucky agents on a Mega Famil to experience the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka, and wow does it live up to its title!

Negombo, Sri Lanka

Early in October this year, we sent 45 lucky agents on a Mega Famil to experience the ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’, Sri Lanka, and wow does it live up to its title!
These 45 agents got to experience this incredible tropical paradise the Bunnik Way, enjoying both Bunnik Tours and Small Group Touring Co. itineraries. This once-in-a-lifetime experience really was the best of both worlds! The Famil, however, prompted the question on why we simply can’t get enough of Sri Lanka? Well here it is! Read on to discover the top 5 reasons we can’t stay away!

Visiting a local Sri Lankan school!

Here at the Bunnik Travel Group, it is in our nature to create travel experiences that connect you to the locals, because after all that’s what travel is about right? Sri Lanka is no exception! On both Bunnik and Small Group Touring Co. Sri Lankan small group tours, you’ll visit a local school in Sigiriya and get the chance to learn about the school and connect with the teachers and bubbly students.

Small Group Touring Co.’s very own, Harriet Holmes, was lucky enough to attend the Famil and suggested this was her favourite experience of all! She says nothing beats the opportunity to walk through the classrooms where the students, from grade 1 to 5, proudly welcome you to their school with local songs while excitedly showing off their work! An unforgettable experience that creates real and beautiful moments between people.


The stunning Sigiriya Rock

It’s referred to by the locals as the Eighth Wonder of the World and we think they could be right! Sigiriya Rock is simply stunning and it is perhaps the most must-do-thing when visiting Sri Lanka. Truly a view to behold, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed site holds great archaeological significance with the remains of a fifth-century fortress situated on top. Along with its impressive history, the top of Sigiriya Rock at 350 metres tall, provides extraordinary views over the lush jungles and vast plains below. You’ll also get the chance to observe the adjacent Pidurangala Rock.

Exclusive to the Small Group Touring Co.’s Sri Lankan Journey small group tour, you’ll get the opportunity to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience of eating breakfast atop Pidurangala Rock, offering incredible panoramic and uninterrupted views of the iconic Sigiriya Rock! Small Group Touring Co.’s own Zoe Francis can vouch for this one, saying it was one of the most impressive things she has ever experienced!


It's delicious cuisine!

Drawing inspiration from its fresh, local produce, Sri Lanka’s food is on another level in its deliciousness! While the country has a reputation for its spicy creations, don’t let this stop you from indulging in its cuisine, as there is truly something for everyone.

Fancy seafood? Well you’re in luck as no trip to Sri Lanka is complete without a visit to Negombo’s iconic fish market! Bustling with local fisherman, it’s incredible to observe the variety on offer and see the day’s early morning catches. The local produce is cooked up into just about anything, including fish curry, crab curry and prawn curry! Did we mention Sri Lankan’s love curry?

If seafood isn’t your thing, perhaps Sri Lanka’s thriving fruit scene is! Being a tropical destination, the tasty fruit here is out of this world! From all the usual suspects of bananas, coconuts, mangoes and passionfruit just to name a few, you can also sample exotic fruits like rambutan or mangosteen!


Experiencing Minneriya National Park

Home to a variety of wildlife, including sambar deer, leopards and storks, perhaps Minneriya National Park’s most impressive feature is its abundance of wild Asian elephants! Proclaimed a wildlife sanctuary since the late 1930’s, jumping into a jeep ride in the National Park through green, lush forests, is a thrilling way to see the unique gathering of elephants coming to drink and bathe in the regions shallow waters. If you love animals, this is the place for you!


A sunset on the spectacular Gin Oya River

Cruising along the calm waters of a jungle-fringed river, listening to the tranquil sounds of birdlife while watching the sun set, sounds like something straight out of a dream, right? Nope, just an incredible experience awaiting you in Negombo on a Bunnik Tour! Cruise along the calm Gin Oya River, stopping to see the vibrant colours of the beautiful sunset.

Bunnik Tour’s Karin Jones loved every moment of the spectacular sunset cruise, although it was the following dinner hosted by a local family on the riverbanks, that was the cherry on top! A truly magical experience which showcases the power of making connections with locals.


Only mentioning 5 standouts was hard as Sri Lanka is home to a plethora of unique experiences just waiting to be had! A combination of its diverse culture, friendly locals, delicious cuisine and incredible scenery are just some of the reasons why we simply can’t get enough of Sri Lanka! See the amazing ‘Pearl of the Indian Ocean’ for yourself on Bunnik Tour’s Sri Lankan Discovery and Small Group Touring Co.’s Sri Lankan Journey.

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