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Do you have an age limit for travellers?
Do you have an age limit for travellers?

Travel Agent FAQ

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Our group tours have been specifically designed for those that want to experience the destination, not just see it from a coach. The majority of Bunnik Tours travellers are aged between 45-65 years. However, we have many people enjoying our tours who are younger than 45 and older than 65.

Children aged 14 and over can travel on our group tours. For families with younger children we recommend a private tour – this way we can tailor the itinerary to meet your needs. Just ask one of our friendly Travel Specialists for details.

We recognise that some travellers may find our itineraries challenging. We therefore require all our passengers to complete a fitness declaration form as part of their passenger registration. Please contact us directly on 1300 125 007 to learn more about whether your client is suitable for a Bunnik Tour.

Further details on our fitness requirements can be found here.

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